COVID-19 Remote Field Exams & Reporting

Field Examiner

Data downloads? Desktop Exams? We need to do fieldwork without the field part. Hmmmm? Most of the accounting systems export data in several formats and most of the lenders doing Asset Based Lending are getting electronic files from their customers for AR and Inventory reporting to the Borrowing Base. Many field examiners are downloading reports … Read more

COVID-19 Working at Home-Tools of the Trade


Home office setup should follow the same guidelines as at-work setup. Comfortable, secure and designed to help you get work done. Home-Office Setup You’re avoiding others, practicing social distancing, being a good citizen and you’re probably working from home (after seeking out more toilet paper). You need to be comfortable, your computer setup needs to … Read more

COVID-19 Everything Is Broken


Broken cutters, broken saws,Broken buckles, broken laws,Broken bodies, broken bones,Broken voices on broken phonesTake a deep breath, feel like you’re chokin’,Everything is broken ~Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan 1989 When I looked at my notes for this piece last night at about 2:00am, it seemed that I could have just spewed-out a list of all of … Read more

What’s New is New Again

ABLTrain On-Line Training Seminars for Asset Based Lending Education

ABLTrain 2.0 Sometime in 2005, we got cookin’ to brew up self-paced on-line Asset Based Lending Training Seminar Courses and it took a short seven (7) years until November 2012 to launch the catalog of 14 courses.  Not a cheap or easy business to build and maintain and we talked about that journey in the … Read more

Better ABL Monitoring From Existing Systems

This Changes Everything

Preface We ABL folks have had our heads in the sand for far too long with respect to technology-based monitoring and business intelligence.  ABL risk reduction starts with AssetArchive as the solution to reduce fraud and improve monitoring with little additional cost.  You can monitor ABL deals with more Business Intelligence. Traditional ABL has some … Read more

It Was 20 Years Ago Today

20 Years

On or about January 5, 1996 our partnership started and the Articles of Incorporation were filed January 19, 1996 to create FinSoft, LLC.  Sitting here one night last week, all of the core events that took place over the past 20 years came into this blog with sections named Product Evolution, Side Effects, Lessons Learned and The Next … Read more

New Ineligible Reserves – Wal-Mart and Others

Wal-Mart Ineligibles

The Wal-Mart / Amazon / Big-Box Picture There is a storm brewing with Wal-Mart leading the charge to push vendors for lower prices and it started on July 1, 2015.   Wal-Mart, Amazon and others are pushing vendors to take deeper discounts and reduce prices, but with tactics that can affect your revolving loan / asset based lending … Read more

Why a CPA / CA Audit is Not Good Enough for ABL…

Audit Report

NOTE / DISCLOSURE: We [FinSoft, LLC] make great ABL Audit (AssetWriter) and download software (AssetReader / Asset Archive, AssetArchive Confirmations) that do extensive analysis without the time needed to adjust things.  Our ABL field exam software can even consolidate hundreds of divisions with just four mouse clicks or bring in data from other examiners and … Read more