Welcome to ABLTrain… “What a long strange trip it’s been”

The web-based asset based lending training seminar project started out perhaps 10 years ago with a software package named Digital Trainer and that product was just not capable of delivering reliable on-line training.  But our affiliation with Team Adobe let us keep on the developers to get the features that we needed to make this possible and so, about 7 years ago the journey began.  Having spent about 20 years doing ABL Field Exams and traveling around the world doing advanced (live) ABL training seminars with Clear Choice Seminars, Inc., while also starting a software company (FinSoft, LLC) along the way, provided the know-how and resources to make this possible.

Originally named the “Yellow Brick Road project” (YBR for short), the plan was deep and filled with complex tasks, things to learn and complete.  The idea of an on-line training catalog was there from the start and we had no time constraints to deal with, so the journey began with an outline of ideas, things to buy, and things to learn.  Yeah, we met a cast of colorful characters along the way, but really good characters.

The YBR plan was HUGE and big projects are something that we have always enjoyed (about 1,000,000 lines of code in our software products), on-line training for asset based lending was clearly going to have challenges.  YBR went exactly as planned, but it took more time than we had anticiapted because of technological problems.  Not one problem and not in one area; all areas were a challenge and hundreds of issues had to be resolved to make this possible.  If you could only see the pages of checklists or know how many times we dealt with small issues that stopped us dead in our tracks.  Fortunately, you don’t need to know about any of that and you can follow the comments made by The Wizard of Oz himself, “Ignore the man behind the curtain.”

We have lots of ideas for additional courses and training materials to come.  Consider the catalog of 14 courses to be the start.

Next?  New, never done before, just what you were looking for… of course! ABLTrain Icon

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