It Was 20 Years Ago Today

On or about January 5, 1996 our partnership started and the Articles of Incorporation were filed January 19, 1996 to create FinSoft, LLC.  Sitting here one night last week, all of the core events that took place over the past 20 years came into this blog with sections named Product Evolution, Side Effects, Lessons Learned and The Next 20.  But it sounded like a WiKi about us and not what we want to convey on this 20th Anniversary.  Not about us as a company at all, but more about a combined twenty years of friendship with our software users that has defined the real spirit of FinSot, LLC.

So the entire Blog article was scrapped, even though it was done before the new year began.


What we Want to Say

With a bit of reflection, it is more important today to convey how we feel about the past 20 years than a history lesson about FinSoft, our philosophies and how we did it.


Than you all for your support, your ideas, your advice, your ongoing support.

Thank you all for your kind words, referrals, compliments and positive energy toward us.

Thank you all for your fanatical friendship and like-minded goodwill toward us and our products.

Thank you to lenders such as Ally Bank, BB&T, California Bank of Commerce, City National Bank, Compass Bank, EastWest Bank, Far West Capital, Goldman Sachs, Heritage Bank, HSBC, Huntington Bank, Manufacturers Bank, PNC Business Credit, Royal Bank of Canada, Rosenthal & Rosenthal, Wells Fargo Bank, Whitney National Bank and many more for your ongoing support and friendship.

Thank you to outsource firms like ABL Resources, Atlantic Financial, Blue Water Consulting, Boston & Associates, Bronsky & Company, Cascade Credit Services, CBC Group, Commercial Finance Consultants, Cometrics, Cost Reduction Solutions, Dopkins & Company, Durkin Group, Freed Maxick, Fuller Landau, GTM lender Services, Lender’s Consulting Group,  Lowell Douglas, Martin & Associates, Richter Consulting Group, SIA Group, Trump Lender Services, Unified Examiners, Zelenkofske Axelrod and the dozens of small and independent ABL outsource practitioners that use our products.  We are so much better because of you

When you have changed jobs, we came along too.  When you had ideas, we have added them.  When you make recommendations to others to look at our products we are flattered.

Thank you for all of your ongoing enthusiasm for our original products and for inspiring our passion towards making them better!

The Next 20?

For this moment… Happy Birthday to us!

While we’ve done a lot in 20 years, we’re just getting warmed up and there is much more new stuff to do.  The evolution plans are deep here.  We’re going to continue to make ABL better, safer, smarter and more fun.  Oh  YES we are going to with your help!   THANK YOU!

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